How to Create an Opportunity Report and Dashboard

One common use of reports and dashboards is to display Opportunities data. There are two steps involved in doing this:

  1. Create an opportunities summary report
  2. Create a dashboard based on the above report

A vertical bar chart and pie chart showing Opportunities grouped by stage


To create an opportunities report:

  1. Begin by opening the Sales app
  2. Click on the Reports tab
  3. Click New Report
  4. Under Report Type Go to Opportunities -> Opportunities
  5. Click Create

Next you’ll need to configure the report:

  1. Begin by configuring the filters. For example select the opportunities to include based on who owns them, the date range et cetera. If in doubt just show all by having no filters
  2. In the section below there’s a drop down where you can select the report type, select Summary report
  3. We want to see Opportunities grouped by their stage so we’ll go to the list of fields along the lefthand side of the screen then click and drag Stage onto the part that says “drag a field here to create a grouping”
  4. Click Save and Run Report

Finally you’ll need to create a dashboard from this report data:

  1. Go to the Reports tab once more
  2. Click New Dashboard
  3. Click and drag the desired chart type onto a dashboard component
  4. Give the chart a name
  5. Click and drag the report you just created from the data source tab into the part that says “Drag data source here”
  6. Click Save and Run Dashboard

Voila! This is is a simple example but the same method is basically used for all reports and dashboards.

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