List Views

Records are displayed in “lists”. In lists; each row represents a record and each column a field. It’s a bit like spreadsheets but more dynamic, because you can filter and sort  them.

For our current purposes, a list only includes records of one particular object. To access an object’s lists; click on the object’s tab. There should be a drop down menu of available list views for that object. You can also edit the current list view by clicking Edit or create a new list view by clicking Create New View.

There are various options when creating a new list view:

  • Name
  • Filter by record owner
  • Filter by field
  • Filter logic (e.g. 1 AND 2)
  • Fields displayed

This process determines which records are shown in the lists. Finally though, the lists can be sorted. This is done by clicking on the field header to sort by. It orders them alphanumerically.

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