Importing and Exporting Data

There are two options for importing data:

  • Data Import Wizard
  • Data Loader

Both accept csv files (which can be exported by Excel). In general choose Import Wizard if possible since it’s easier and more efficient.

Use Import Wizard if importing less than 50,000 records and they are custom objects or the accepted standard objects.

Choose Data Loader if importing 50,000 to 5 million records or records of an object not accepted by import wizard.

To use Data Loader you’ll have to download the client application. In other words it’s done using a desktop-type application outside of the Salesforce browser.

 Similarly, there are two options for exporting data:

  • Data Export Wizard
  • Data Loader

Data Export Wizard can only be used about once per week. It can be set up to run automatically, however. There aren’t restrictions on the frequency one can use Data Loader.

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