NPSP: How to Pull Secondary Address to Contact

In the NPSP, the address for a Contact is automatically populated from the Account it’s associated with. This only occurs with the Billing Address, though, not the Shipping Address. However, a workflow rule can be added to pull over the Shipping address as well. This is what I’ll explain here. The purpose is to have two sets of addresses populated in Contact Records rather than just one.

To do this create a new workflow rule. Select Contact as the object.

For the rule evaluation criteria, check the box to make it occur whenever the field is updated to meet the criteria. I decided to make the workflow happen whenever the Shipping address has a value in it (since this is an essential feature of the address). You could do this for all fields and make the filter logic (A) OR (B) etc. Choose Account(Shipping Address), not equal to, then leave the final space blank which means NULL.

Then for the workflow actions, choose field update. For each of the fields street, state, country etc choose to update the Contact/Other Address fields with formulas pulling the corresponding Account/Shipping Address fields.

Additionally, we made a workflow action to update the picklist field secondary address to indicate that this was pulled from the Shipping Address. This appears to work for Organisation type Accounts but not for Households.

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