Setting up Lightning Components

Lightning Components are part of a new UI framework for creating single page web apps for various devices.
It uses JavaScript on the client side and Apex on the server side. The Lightning component framework is built on the open-source Aura framework.
Components are the self-contained units of an app. They can be used in more than one place. They range in granularity from a single line of text to an entire app. A component can contain other components as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript to name a few. Components interact with their environment by receiving or publishing “events”.
Salesforce offers an “out of the box” prebuilt component set. Additional custom components are available on the App Exchange.
To install lightning components:
  1. Go to Setup > User Interface > Lightning App Builder
  2. Click New
  3. Select a type of lightning page (App Page, Home Page or Record Page)
  4. Choose your layout
  5. Drag and drop Lightning Components into layout
  6. Save and Activate

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